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Care across the Continuum

Our comprehensive solutions and services give you everything you need to increase your ability to provide care in the home, ambulance, hospital, long-term care or clinic setting, thus providing possibilities for care, across the continuum.

About VeeMed

Rapid improvements in computing, technology and global connectivity are redefining the way we do things; but if everything is improving why shouldn’t healthcare? VeeMed Telemedicine is the next logical leap forward in healthcare.

Our Mission

VeeMed is committed to positively impacting healthcare worldwide using our advanced telemedicine solutions and collaboration with healthcare systems.

Strategic Alliances

How we do it

At VeeMed, the process of doing something matters just as much as the end results. We’ve collaborated with patients, care-providers and industry experts to come up with our proven, four-step process for ensuring telemedicine success.

After establishing a contractual agreement, a team of VeeMed experts meets with your healthcare team to arrange for the implementation of your telemedicine program. A typical implementation process takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days and includes:

Understanding your needs

We believe that only proper understanding leads to great results, so we start off by developing a sound understanding your medical service needs.

Customizing your plan

As each care provider’s requirements are different, we go the extra mile to build upon your patient care needs and develop a customized plan to address them.

Establishing expectations

Your satisfaction determines our success, so it’s only logical that we establish your expectations and work towards not just meeting, but exceeding them.

Establishing reporting structure

In order to be there for you in the way that is best suited to your operational processes, we establish a reporting structure for ongoing communication and support.


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The VeeMed Edge

VeeMed has positioned itself to become a leading global virtual healthcare company due to its

  • Clinical and operational infrastructure

  • We focus on the patient and physician experience supported by our state of the art, customized technology


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VeeMed is a rapidly growing company with a mission to make healthcare more accessible. Through its highly structured and organized clinical workflows for physicians, consultations become quick and easy.

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